1. Day 72 - 14th March 2011

    Here’s my attempt to be arty while shooting on the commute… beautiful sky outside though today, it made me realise that  very soon it will be light all the way home and still light when I get here… I LOVE SUMMER!

  2. Day 71 - 13th March 2011

    Amazingly, amazingly gorgeous Sunny day in Cardiff. Saw so many amazing scenes on the train home - but I was too busy soaking up the first class luxury to take any photos.

    Here’s some leaves in my window - just look at those colours!

  3. Day 70 -12th March 2011

    Spent the weekend at my sister’s - here’s her dog, Beaker - isn’t he cute!

  4. Day 69 - 11th March 2011

    First class baby!

  5. Day 68 - 10th March 2011.

    I can’t quite believe it. 68 days in and I’ve forgotten to take a photo today. I don’t know how that quite happened.

    To make up for it, here’s a photo I edited today at least - here’s underground Jonathan David in the Morgan Arcade.


  6. Day 67 - 9th March 2011

    Well, honestly I can’t believe how lucky I am.

    Today as part of my freelance work for LoveFood I got treated to a free taster menu at the Parc Hotel, Cardiff with it’s new executive chef, Michelin-starred Martin Blunos. Needless to say, the food was amazing and I have finally managed to get my hands on a macaron in Cardiff… even if it was teeny tiny.

  7. Day 66 - 8th March 2011

    Today I had a quick catch-up with The Ethical Chef who told me all about his endeavours cooking pancakes in the Morgan Arcade for Fairtrade Fortnight - you can read more about that here.

    Lovely chap.

  8. Day 65 - 7th March 2011

    Spent the day at Focus on Imaging at the NEC today - a room full of shutter nutters and pixel peepers… this is the Sony stand.

  9. Day 64 - 6th March 2011

    Look how quaint Leamington Spa railway station looks in this picture! :D

  10. Day 63 - 5th March 2011

    Took this photo while on the way to Birmingham on the train - I really like the colours and reflections… what do you think?

  11. Day 62 - 4th March 2011

    Candles…. not much else to say about this!

  12. Day 61 - 3rd March 2011

    Here is an abstract picture of my hamster - faster than the speed of light!

  13. Day 60 - 2nd March 2011

    Today was my shoot at what is probably my favourite Arcades shop, or at least the one I end up spending most money in, Wally’s.

    I could have spent probably hours and hours photographing everything this amazing Deli has to offer, but as it is I limited myself to under an hour, during which time I also had a great chat with the owner, Steve. The full post on Wally’s, along with LOTS more photos will be here soon!

    For now - here’s one of my favourite parts of the store - the spice wall!

  14. Day 59 - 1st March 2011

    Here’s the Welsh corner of my desk at work… which is in England.

    A joint St David’s Day/Birthday present from my lovely colleague Ant =)

  15. Day 58 - 28th February 2011

    Here’s Matt proving that the arcades aren’t just wonderful, but they also make fantastic portrait backdrops.

    I took these for Matt to use for promotional purposes - if you’re interested in having some done, drop me a line - my rates are very reasonable.